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Over the years, I’ve often told stories to children, and some of these have been written down. At other times, a story or poem was a gift to my own or other children. Here are three of them: Harriet the Dragon (sometimes called The Three Golden Bells), The Ocean of Peace, and The Story of Tyranno de Bergerac.  If you enjoy any of these, or if you think any of them may be worthy of illustration and publication and know of a way that might happen, please, through my e-mail, lbergman@berkeley.edu, let Harriet the Dragon know.

Harriet the Dragon

The Ocean of Peace

Tyranno De Bergerac

These “childhood sketches” were written many moons ago.  I have added a brief foreword but otherwise these were written when I was in my late teens, in 1962-3, then edited and expanded a bit in the mid-1960s.  In them my name is David, and the famous José Marti quote is on the title page: “I have lived in the monster and I know its entrails, and mine is the sling of David.” In the fullness of time other short prose pieces will also appear here.

Written for an essay contest several years ago.  I did not win or place, but the

subject was one I could not pass up—On Sloth:

The Faces of Goliath

On Sloth