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Edgar Allan Bergman

My name is Lincoln Bergman

From Herstory I come

I bathed in primal oceans

‘Twas in the year of None

My name is Lincoln Bergman

From History I come

I crawled the rock of ages

‘Twas in the year of One

I crawled the rock of ages

To wish my dreams come true

To harvest all my crops

‘Twas in the year of Two

To harvest all my crops

I loved and danced so free

Wheat and rice and corn

‘Twas in the year of Three

Sad story of my life

Too little and too late

Confronted by mortality

‘Twas in the year of Eight.

Yet days when we make love Create a world so fine

Conjoining energies

‘Twas in the year of Nine.

And so my story goes

From now till way back when

My heart is in my hands

For ‘tis the year of Ten.

Introducing the Poet

I loved and sometimes learned

I marched against the war

I wrote a thousand poems

‘Twas in the year of Four

I spoke a thousand poems Made broadcasts taped and live

For freedom and for peace

‘Twas in the year of Five

I played a thousand games

And laughed at all the tricks

Of darling daughters two

‘Twas in the year of Six

I worked and worked and worked But rarely did bread leaven

The money slipped right through ‘Twas in the year of Seven.

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